D4CWorkshop - Brian Thomas

What is Dance4Camera?

Me and my team will be shooting a music video at your studio in any style of dance featuring your kids as the stars, this is great footage for your studio, the dancers and their future dance reels. This is a hands on workshop learning from experience, the old fashioned way. I will also coach them so they look their best on film & in photos. Post editing included. The workshop focus is for studio-aged dancers who are the upcoming generation of working dancers. With so many professional dance jobs being on set for film, television, commercials, and music videos there is so much to know besides being a great dancer. If you would like to host a D4C Workshop at your studio we will come with professional cameras/equipment and provide an experience the kids will love.

D4C workshop class with Cassidy Noblett

PACKAGE A  -  the 3 Hour Workshop / $35 per student This includes a 3-hour workshop that begins with a 1 hour and 30-minute master class  followed by a 30-minute Q&A. Finishing up the final 1 hour and 30 minutes students will participate in a mock video shoot. Learning angles, getting feedback, and having a chance to see what they look like through the lens. 

PACKAGE B  - THE MUSIC VIDEO / $175/student Learning choreography and how to perform for the camera in different situations. What looks great, what should be avoided, what directors and artists are looking for and more. Then we will shoot a music video featuring your students as the stars! Final edited music video will be given to you and each student who attends. (Great advertising idea for instagram and marketing your studio) All Styles welcome including Street Jazz, Contemporary, Latin, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Lyrical. 

PACKAGE C - The Full Weekend Workshop / $275 per student 

Give your kids the total experience incorporating all elements of the Dance4Camera Packages. This includes Headshots, the D4C weekend music video with choreography, Q&A, or you can customize.Talk to me and lets make something special for you and your kids!

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